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"I have been a patient of Dr. Mortazie's since 1984. It has been a family affair as my husband, daughters and granddaughters also put their teeth in his hands. There is not one single dental treatment/procedure he cannot do and he does it all with extreme perfection. I remain impressed that Dr. Mortazie cleans your teeth personally...rare for today's dental offices.

My dental Implants are the strongest teeth in my mouth. The orthodontics he did for my granddaughters gave them that Hollywood smile that will last their lifetime. Being able to have multiple different treatments in one office is important to me. His caring and gentle approach to dentistry makes going to the Dentist easier."

- Sally C.

"I went to Doctor Mortazie to get an implant after an old root canal failed on my front teeth. He reassured me that the process will be smooth. I had to research which dentist to go to for this procedure and I am very relieved to have found Dr. Mortazie. His office is very nice and he takes his time explaining everything to you. He is very passionate about what he does and that made me feel at ease. He has a very soft hand and the anxiety I always feel at the dentist does not happen to me there because of his calming disposition. He uses all the latest technologies and has the computer assisted implant process, which is something I was specifically looking for since it is one of my front teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Mortazie for anybody that is looking for a dentist with experience and that can handle a complicated dental situation."

- Diana V.

"He is the best doctor I ever seen. Both of my kids get a great service without the involvement of any assistant and all work is by himself."

- Negash W.

"Dr. Mortazie is a very gifted and talented cosmetic dentist. He enhanced the beauty of my smile with a complete veneer restoration that has ultimately given me a timeless facial rejuvenation. My veneers are gorgeous! The best investment I have ever made in maintaining the health of my teeth and beauty of my smile. Overall, my dental experience with Dr. Mortazie was excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Donna M.

"Knowledgeable, attentive, courteous, friendly, observing cleanliness."

- Nasrollah I.


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