Clear Correct

Clear Correct is a popular choice for achieving a straighter, more aligned smile without the use of metal braces. It works by moving your teeth into proper alignment with a series of clear, custom-made, almost invisible, removable aligners.

The treatments consist of a series of aligners you switch out every two to three weeks. The aligners are custom-made and are measured so that your teeth move at a gradual rate.

Another benefit Clear Correct offers is that it’s completely removable. You can remove the aligners when you eat, brush, floss and for special occasions. They allow you to keep your teeth clean and eliminate the staining that brackets from metal braces may cause.

Am I a good candidate for Clear Correct?

The best candidate for Clear Correct would be someone who doesn’t have extremely extensive correction or straightening to do, as that often requires traditional orthodontics. Some patients may be a good fit for a combination of the two. The best way to determine this is to do a consultation with Dr. Mortazie (at no cost, of course).

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time varies from case to case, and with so many variables such as the degree of misalignment, it can take up to a year to achieve the smile that fits you.


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